It became possible to download Instagram Reels videos

It became possible to download Instagram Reels videos


Users of TikTok, Instagram’s competitor, have been using such features for a long time. TikTok users can download short videos watermarked with the app’s name and share them outside of the TikTok platform.

Adam Musseri noted that users are only able to download Reels videos from public accounts. Public user accounts will also have the option to disable the ability to download Reels videos.

In this live, Musseri did not specify whether the downloaded videos will have a watermark or not; However, the image posted by him shows that the downloaded video contains the Instagram logo and account name.

to report single crunchIn 2021, Instagram stopped publishing content with the TikTok watermark or any other watermark. In August last year In a similar move, YouTube started adding watermarks to shorts videos. Shorts is a section of YouTube where users publish short video content. YouTube’s goal was to prevent users from sharing content on other platforms. In general, Instagram’s action in adding the possibility of downloading Reels videos can be seen as a tactic aimed at attracting more audiences to this platform.

In the last few months, Instagram’s short video segment has been Meta’s strong point for growth and earning more. Mark Zuckerberg announced during a conference in the first three months of 2023 that using the results of artificial intelligence analysis has led to the progress and improvement of the company’s short videos (Reels); In such a way that users now spend 24% more time in the short video section on average than before.


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