The rumor of Disney’s takeover by Apple made Netflix hold its breath

There are speculations that Bob IgerThe CEO of Disney is seriously considering the sale of his company.

In recent years, Disney has become one of the giants of this field by monopolizing a large group of entertainment industry companies, so that during the last decade it managed to buy 20th Century Fox, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. These purchases were made when Bob Iger He was the CEO of the company, but he was a few years ago Bob Chapak is in the role of CEO instead. Chapak During its two years of operation, it brought the most disappointing financial results for Disney because the content provided by this company, like the content that was if It was published, it was not exciting and it was not noticed.

if He decides to return to his position to restore Disney’s current status as quickly as possible. However, it seems that he didn’t quite succeed in achieving his goal, and for that reason, he probably intends to sell Disney for the highest possible price. The important point is that Apple is one of the companies that is trying to take over Disney.

Disney losses in 2023

According to the announcement Fortune, Disney is expected to post a loss of $800 million after its recently ended third fiscal quarter of 2023. In this situation, many media have announced the possibility of selling Disney to Apple, and it remains to be seen what will happen to this company in the end.

It should be noted that if Apple acquires Disney, the alarm will sound for competitors like Netflix, because considering the huge resources and the loyal user community that the technology giant from Cupertino has, the possibility of Disney returning to the peak days of this company and even beyond is not far from expectation.

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