Google cuts off the internet for some of its employees!


Since yesterday, Google has started a new test plan, whereby the access of some employees to the Internet is limited. The US tech giant initially selected 2,500 people to participate in the plan, but after receiving feedback, modified the plan to allow employees to opt out. Also, other employees can voluntarily join the new Google plan if they wish.

According to CNBC According to knowledgeable sources, Google will cut off the internet connection in the system of the employees in question and these systems will only have access to internal web tools and websites owned by Google such as Google Drive and Gmail. Employees who absolutely need the Internet to do their work will be excluded from this plan.

Additionally, Google plans to disable root access for some of its employees. This means that the employees in question will not be able to perform administrative tasks or tasks such as installing software.

According to internal documents, Google’s new measures are an attempt to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Some of the documents state that Google employees are a frequent target of cyber attacks.

If hackers break into an employee’s device, they may gain access to user data and infrastructure code. Cutting off internet access ensures that cyber attackers cannot remotely execute code or steal data.

Google’s new plan comes into effect as companies in the tech industry face more sophisticated cyber attacks than ever before. Last week, Microsoft said Chinese hackers had infiltrated the emails of 12 US and European government agencies, including the US Department of the Interior.

As it prepares for the widespread release of several artificial intelligence tools, Google is working to strengthen its security systems.


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