Card-to-card fees for different amounts


As you can see, in the new fee system, a fee is charged for some services that were provided for free until now. In general, the rate of electronic banking services in the banking network has increased by 20% compared to 2019.

For example, there is no fee for the transfer of fixed funds either in personal payment or in group payment. But in this new notification, a fee of between 2,400 and 3,000 Tomans has been considered for each valid interbank transfer. The transfer of Satna is subject to a fee from this year and costs up to 28 thousand tomans for customers.

For amounts above 150 million tomans, a fee of 30,000 tomans is included in the transfer of the Satna system. The daily limit of absentee payments in this method is 100 million tomans, and from the branch without documents such as a transaction document, it is 200 million tomans, and with the presentation of documents, more than 200 million tomans is also possible.

In addition, purchase transactions also have fees. Each transaction below 600 thousand tomans and above 600 thousand tomans up to 4 thousand tomans fee for the recipient. Of course, in the transactions of buying internet terminals or face-to-face sales with POS device, the customer does not pay the fee, but the owner of the POS device pays the fee.

Also, the floor fee for quick money transfer or card to card has increased by 20%, and the fee for higher amounts will be added in a staggered manner. Last year, the card-to-card fee was 600 tomans for amounts up to one million tomans, 840 tomans up to 2 million tomans, and 1,080 tomans up to 3 million tomans. This year, this fee is 720 tomans for amounts up to 1 million tomans, and 280 tomans is added for every one million tomans in excess. In this way, a fee of up to 2 million Tomans, 1,000 Tomans and up to 3 million Tomans, 1,280 Tomans has been considered.

Card-to-card fees are divided between the card-issuing bank and the receiving bank, and in addition to a fixed amount, the card-to-card amount also affects the fee, and a percentage of the card-to-card amount is added to the fixed amount.

In July 1402, the central bank published a notice based on which it announced the details of the plan to increase card-to-card fees. In this table, you can see the card-to-card fee calculation for different amounts. These rates are the same in all banks and there is no difference between private and public banks in these fees.


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