The result of initial reviews: Apple Vision Pro puts pressure on the neck

On June 15, 1402, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro mixed reality headset; But there is still no news of its release and Apple is still working on various aspects of Vision Pro to improve them. Apple has received reports from users about the heavy weight of the mixed reality headset.

By the way BloombergThe weight of 450 grams of Vision Pro has caused fatigue and stretching of the neck muscles of some users. Apple is in the final stages of testing this mixed reality headset and can’t do anything to reduce the weight of the product.

In order to help distribute the weight evenly, Apple has included a special strap to be placed on the head. This clause may increase the price of Apple’s virtual reality headset in future models.

Apple is working to make future versions of Vision Pro easier to use for people who wear glasses. The current model of Apple’s mixed reality headset cannot be used with glasses, and users must use anti-aging prescription lenses, which may be difficult for some users. Apple is exploring the idea of ​​making a mixed reality headset with pre-installed lenses.

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