Contrary to the initial claim, the Vision Pro has a 100 Hz display

Apple has announced that the Vision Pro mixed reality headset will run at a 90Hz refresh rate most of the time, but said in an online session that it can shift up to 96Hz to support 24fps video content.

The code that M1 Astra detected, it shows that the maximum refresh rate of Vision Pro is actually 100 Hz. Of course, the refresh rate of 100 Hz is activated only to fix the flickering effect of the light in the 50 Hz mode.

The Vision Pro can switch between 90, 96, and 100Hz modes, but most of the time it runs at 90Hz. For example, in Travel Mode, the displays of this device work at a maximum of 90 Hz. The mentioned mode is intended for using the headset while moving, including flying.

Vision Pro uses two custom microLED displays with a total of 23 million pixels. In comparison, each of these screens has more pixels than a 4K TV. According to Apple’s announcement, the company’s virtual reality headset will be launched next year.

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