Steps to activate the Samsung refrigerator child lock

Steps to activate the Samsung refrigerator child lock

Samsung refrigerator child lock activation

  • First, select the child lock option on the Samsung side-by-side refrigerator screen.
  • Press the OK button twice.
  • Here the child lock screen will be displayed.
  • Now you can see ACTIVATE option.
  • Hold the ACTIVATE option for three seconds.
  • Samsung Side by Side Child Lock is now successfully activated.

Disabling the child lock of the Samsung refrigerator

  • Select the Child Lock option on the Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator door screen.
  • Here you also need to press the OK option twice.
  • Press the ACTIVATE button for three seconds.
  • Samsung side by side refrigerator door lock is now disabled.

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Samsung refrigerator child lock setting

The Samsung refrigerator child lock is one of the efficient features. The mentioned feature has been designed and added to the device in order to increase the useful life of the refrigerator and prevent its damage.

The child lock in the refrigerator prevents accidental changes and settings in the device’s control panel. Also, because children use the water cooler and ice maker of the refrigerator continuously, this feature causes the water cooler and ice maker of the refrigerator to lock and not work. To solve this problem, you can get help from Samsung refrigerator repair experts.

In this article from Zomit, we discussed how to activate and deactivate the Samsung refrigerator child lock. Remember that the manual is a good representation of the various functions and options of the device. Therefore, you should study the manual from the beginning to use it in case of minor problems and disturbances such as using the child lock of the refrigerator.

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