The national program of teaching programming to students was started

According to the Vice Minister of Technology and Innovation, the Minister of Communications, this project is designed and implemented with the aim of increasing the share of the digital economy in the GDP based on the 7th Development Plan and for the target community of children and adolescents.

According to the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Meisham Abedi, Deputy Minister of Technology and Innovation of Communications, said: “Fenano School as a place to supply and learn the educational content of this project in cooperation with the Broadcasting Education Network in the form of a skills summer school. It has been

Abedi pointed out that the attendance and participation of students all over the country in this project is free and said: “Raising the scientific level and digital literacy of individuals and families, raising the level of educational standards and the quality level of the content and educational environment of children and adolescents and organizing “The accessible environment of the next generation is one of the strategies of this great national event.”

This project started in the middle of July with the broadcasting of educational content on the Education Network and will end with the holding of a skill test at the end of September and the awarding of a valid certificate based on the points obtained.

According to Mohammad Ehsan Khramid, the head of the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Fanano school has separate plans for primary school children and secondary school students: “To set up free training classes for web design and Python and Scratch programming with fun and attractive learning features And pleasing to the new generation and in simple language, several programs have been produced on Sima Education Network, which are being broadcast in the form of skill summer school.

Kharamid also announced that in addition to broadcasting educational content on the education network, Fanano school is also available to students all over the country by uploading educational content and videos on the “Moon” comprehensive educational platform.

According to this report, those interested in attending Fanano School can refer to moon system Register and officially announce your presence in these classes.

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