iNo virtual school; From goals to visions

iNo virtual school;  From goals to visions


Using new technologies and advanced educational tools, this virtual school has provided this platform for students to access their needed learning resources online at any time of the day or night.

iNo virtual school By providing educational videos, textbooks, solving exercises and holding online tests, it is always trying to provide a professional learning environment for students. This brand focuses on modern educational principles and creates an effective and attractive learning experience for students by using interactive and practical methods.

One of the prominent features of iNo virtual school is the provision of high-quality educational videos. These videos are prepared with the cooperation of professional experts and professors such as Professor Shafizadeh and Professor Nishtaei, who have a brilliant record in designing sample exam questions and entrance exams and teaching in the country’s top schools, and are also authors of help books. They are also valid educational.

Videos of iNo virtual school They cover various lessons comprehensively and completely. By accessing these videos, students can learn the important points of each lesson in a detailed and comprehensive manner and have a better understanding of the textbook topics.

In addition to educational videos, iNoo Virtual School also provides textbooks to students. These handouts contain key points, explanations and practical examples for each chapter of the course. By reading and reviewing the textbooks, students can understand the important points well and be better prepared for their exams.

On the other hand, by downloading sample questions and solving them through the INO virtual school website, students can get to know the best methods and strategies to solve exam questions and help students to get familiar with the structure and type of questions and the necessary skills to solve the questions correctly. use

By taking advantage of the services provided by the iNo virtual school, students can study the courses in a comprehensive and organized manner and improve in all aspects of the curriculum. In fact, by focusing on textbooks, educational videos, and sample exam questions, students will be able to progress in their learning and prepare for exams in the best possible way.


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