Is Nutting planning to make a foldable smartphone?


Various companies such as Google, OnePlus, Oppo, Motorola, Xiaomi and Samsung have focused a lot on foldable smartphones in 2023, and most of the phone manufacturers are trying to release at least one foldable device. Of course, Nutting does not seem to be in a hurry to enter this market.

Carl P In his recent interview with IndiaToday He clearly stated that his company has no desire to make folding phones and referred to these products as special devices.

P In part of his speech, he said: “It’s good that some companies are making foldable phones, but if you look at how these products have evolved, they all use the same style. “If you hide the logo on the flip phones, consumers can’t really tell them apart.”

In response to the question of whether his company plans to launch a foldable phone or not, CEO Nutting said: “Not soon. I don’t think users will say that they wish their phones could be folded! In my opinion, these products are among the technologies that manufacturers are trying to impose on consumers.”

Thus Carl P It put an end to all the rumors about the Notting foldable phone. Of course, the opinion of people and companies in different fields of technology can change quickly.

The CEO of Nothing also stated that he would be really happy if the sales of the Noting Phone (2) were as high as the first generation of this smartphone. The company sold about 750,000 Nothing Phones (1).

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