The leaked video of the Galaxy Tab S9 shows the tablet’s water resistance

We expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Tab S9 series along with other products at its Galaxy Unpacked event. Now a video has been published that shows the resistance of the next Korean tablet against water. In comparison, none of the Galaxy Tab S8 series models were waterproof.

A short video that Bro_99 Shared on YouTube, it refers to the water resistance of the standard Galaxy Tab S9. Of course, this product may not really benefit from the waterproof certificate and only survived this test.

The test done on Galaxy Tab S9 is very simple. In this video, we can see that emptying a glass of water on the mentioned tablet does not cause any blackness to the device.

However, to be more sure about the performance of the Galaxy Tab S9 against water, we have to wait for more detailed tests after the official introduction of this product. Therefore, this video should not be taken as a strong reason to ensure that Samsung’s next flagship tablets are waterproof.

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