The attractive rumor was denied: there will be no news of 6.2 GHz frequency in the 14900K processor.


Some time ago, Intel’s China branch published the official details of the Raptor Lake Refresh processors, which will probably be fully unveiled in October this year. Raptor Lake Refresh is a family of 14th generation desktop processors, and probably the first models will have the suffix K in their name; This means that processors will be unlocked.

Some rumors say that the most powerful model of Raptor Lake refresh processors will achieve a boost frequency of 6.2 GHz; But according to one seasoned whistleblower, the Intel Core i9-14900K as Intel’s 14th generation flagship “may reach 6.0 GHz” at best. Intel’s 13th generation flagship processor Core i9-13900KS now offers such a frequency.

According to Toms Hardover, Intel starts unveiling 14th generation processors with Intel Core i5-14600K, Core i7-14700K and Core i9-14900K along with KF models. 14th generation desktop processors do not experience major changes; Probably, some models will have more low-consumption cores and others will have more capacity and higher frequency Smart Cache.

Despite the minor changes of the 14th generation desktop processors, Intel plans to release the 14th generation laptop processors (Meteor Lake family) with significant improvements. Meteor Lake will be the first series of Intel consumer processors based on 7nm lithography.

Assuming the new rumor is true, Intel’s 14th generation flagship processor will not have a higher purchase value than the 13th generation flagship. Of course, it is possible that Intel will make the 14900K an attractive processor for hardware industry enthusiasts by increasing the number of low-power cores or a series of other improvements.


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