Tetherland offers Tether live rate plugin for browser

Tetherland offers Tether live rate plugin for browser


In this plugin, the option of buying and selling is also seen so that users can buy or sell Tether based on its current price.

through This link You can add the Tetherland extension to your browser and thus view and buy and sell the Tether rate in sync with the market on your laptop or system every hour of the day and night.

After five years of operation, Tetherland has unveiled the capabilities of its new version, and the Tether rate extension is one of these capabilities. This cryptocurrency exchange has recently offered the “Teterland Classic” version so that users can buy and sell Tether in an easier environment. In this version, the main and important features of this exchange are available and designed for new users and users who only need to buy and sell Tether.

Tether, backed by the US dollar, has a rate close to this currency. According to Tetherland’s 1401 report, the rate of Tether increased by more than 30% on average last year. Also, since 2019, the growth rate of Tether has doubled compared to Toman, and the average annual growth rate of Tether has been 2.8 times from 2018 to 2019.

In the same report, it is stated that more than 190,000 requests to receive the Tether rate are sent through the API per week, and more than 32 cryptocurrency exchange platforms use the Tetherland rate API. The rate of Tether in Telegram has been seen nearly 36 million times in 1401.

The Tether rate plugin is a simpler method designed by this exchange for users to find out more quickly about the rate of this cryptocurrency and buy and sell based on it.


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