The best entertainment in the capital with SnapTrip

Tehran is full of palaces, museums, parks, and numerous entertainment and business centers that tourists can visit by purchasing travel tickets from Snap Trip Pay attention to them.

Going to the Grand Bazaar, which is located right in the heart of Tehran, is a must visit for every tourist. This bazaar is located on Jumuri Street and is full of covered shops with more than 10 kilometers of winding alleys. You will find everything from jewelry to carpets, spices and utensils in this place.

The Grand Bazaar is considered one of the oldest complexes in Tehran, which is full of traditional, local and international restaurants. If you decide to travel to Tehran, to buy online bus ticket click.

Tajrish Bazaar and Imamzadeh Saleh

This bazaar is located in the northern region of Tajrish and is smaller, more beautiful and generally quieter than the big bazaar. In Tajrish market, you will see all kinds of colors; From fresh fruits and vegetables to craft shops. Tourists should not miss the kebab restaurant in the center of the market and the teahouses located on the main road. In addition, going to the beautiful Imamzadeh Saleh shrine is one of the other attractions of Tajrish Bazaar.

The National Museum of Iran

Another attractive place in the capital that every person should visit once in their lifetime is the National Museum of Iran. In this museum, 30,000-year-old treasures and objects are kept. From Stone Age tools to primitive arts, from decorated headstones from Persepolis to coins and pottery, they are exhibited in this museum.

This building itself, which was designed in the early 20th century with Sasanian architecture, is considered one of the most attractive modern buildings in Tehran. Through SnapTrip, you can buy tickets from all cities to Tehran to visit this museum. For example, the, Buying a bus ticket from Isfahan to Tehran You can do Snap Trip in a very short time. In this system, you will have access to all the tickets of passenger companies.

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art has the most extensive and valuable collection of artworks in the country. There are works of great artists such as Picasso, Monet, Andy Warhol, Henry Moore and also works of Iranian artists in this collection.

Opened in 1355, this building is a modern and prominent structure as well as a great place to meet artists. By buying tickets from all over Iran, such as buying Isfahan to Tehran bus tickets from SnapTrip, you can visit the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and enjoy the beautiful and luxurious works of this museum.

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