Controlling the air conditioner with a smartphone (introduction of programs)

Turning a smartphone into a TV remote control may seem trivial now; But at that time it could become entertainment in family gatherings. Suppose fifteen years ago you sit in a corner in a family gathering without the remote control of the TV and suddenly turn on the TV or change the volume!

Nowadays, with the existence of Android TVs and smartphones, it is even possible to use the phone as a TV keyboard, and the hands of users have become much more open. Now we are going to introduce applications to control the air conditioner with the phone.

Air conditioner control with phone

Controlling the air conditioner with the phone has little to do with the brand of the air conditioner unless you purchase a smart air conditioner that comes with a special application that you can install on your phone or other devices and provides facilities for managing the air conditioner.

For example, among the LG air conditioner models, there is the NA128SK1 smart air conditioner, which, with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and install the Smart ThinQ application on the phone, allows the user to turn on the air conditioner before he gets home, and the air conditioning of the house and In general, monitor the issues related to handling the air conditioner through the program.

In general, smart coolers, even cellulose coolers, in some models provide the possibility to manage them through the program.

Normal air conditioner control with phone

Normal air conditioners may also have the ability to be intelligent if they are included in the category of built-in or split duct air conditioners. For this purpose, you can replace the old thermostat of the device with a smart thermostat and then, with the help of air conditioner control programs with the phone, manage it without the need to control the device.

Air conditioner control programs with mobile

There are various programs for controlling the cooler, some of them, such as the exclusive program for LG coolers, Smart ThinQ, are only provided for one brand and by the device manufacturer, and there are other third-party programs that can be installed with the help of an infrared sensor. He easily controlled his smart air conditioner on the phone.

In addition, if you use a smart thermostat in your home’s cooling and heating system, you can use special programs such as Cielo. Next, we will introduce some popular programs to control the air conditioner with the phone.

AirTouch app

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