Microsoft and Activision Blizzard have agreed to extend the merger agreement until October

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard have agreed to extend their merger agreement pending negotiations with UK regulators. Now both parties have until October 18 (26 Mehr 1402) to finalize the mentioned deal.

Lulu Cheng MerviActivision Blizzard’s chief executive officer tweeted: “The recent US decision and approvals from 40 countries around the world show that this deal is good for the future of competition and gamers.”

Brad Smith Microsoft also says that the three-month extension is intended to provide enough time to work on final regulatory issues.

written by VergeMicrosoft and Activision Blizzard have agreed to a higher termination fee and new business arrangements for the deal. If Microsoft or Activision withdraw from the deal, the termination fee is set at $3.5 billion.

The three-month delay is related to Microsoft’s ongoing negotiations with the CMA. The UK regulator initially opposed the deal in early 2023 due to concerns about cloud gaming. It goes without saying that Microsoft plans to make a new offer to sell its rights in the UK cloud gaming sector to finalize the deal to buy Activision Blizzard.

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