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Among the most popular Macacademic trainings, we can mention Abaqus, MATLAB, finite element coding, subroutine writing in Abaqus and Solidorex.

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most popular academic fields that design and analyze mechanical systems by applying the knowledge of mathematics, physics and material science. The science of mechanical engineering is used in any analysis such as robotics, biomechanics, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, etc., which requires the investigation of the effect of force and energy on the state of the body.

Today, no product is launched without stress analysis. Even leading technology companies like Apple are looking to hire mechanical engineers to participate in the design and production of laptop and mobile body.

Macacademic training

Mechanical Engineering Academy training can be divided into three categories:

  • Teaching university courses

MacAcademy (Mechanical Engineering Academy) is always trying to provide the most valuable training available for university courses to the students. Since usually the best professors of the country are not present in a university, or even if they are, not all students can take that class due to the limited capacity of each class, sharing these classes is a great help to students. Currently, you can watch and download Dr. Arash Bahrami’s engineering dynamics training and Dr. Maryam Mohnama’s applied finite element method training for free on the Macacademy website.

  • Specialized software training

In addition to mastering the courses of this field, students and mechanical engineers must also have complete mastery of specialized software. Mechanical engineering specialized software can be divided into four categories:

1. Programming languages ​​such as C, Fortran, MATLAB and Python

2. Computer Aided Design (CAD) software

3. Computer Aided Analysis (CAE) software

4. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software

Therefore, Macacademy has produced free and valuable training. Teaching subroutine writing in Abaqus, finite element method with MATLAB, Abaqus software training and MATLAB software training are among the most popular Macacademy trainings.

Macadami educational group is trying to meet the needs of students and mechanical engineers by producing valuable and rich articles. Among the most popular macadam articles are listed below.

  • Teaching how to link Abaqus software with Fortran compiler for writing subroutines
  • Finite element method (FEM) training
  • Call Python from MATLAB
  • Abaqus 2022 and 2023 installation training along with Documentation
  • Introduction of the field of mechanical engineering from the language of the students of this field
  • The atmosphere of mechanical engineering in Tehran University
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The best resources for learning abacus
  • Machine learning or machine learning

The importance of programming in mechanical engineering

We are living in an era where programming languages ​​have become very widespread and it is very necessary to learn at least one programming language. Programming languages ​​have wide applications such as network security, device control and programming, web domain, etc., but the most important application of programming language for mechanical engineers is to perform calculations. Therefore, MATLAB, Fortran, Python, and C programming languages ​​are especially important for mechanical engineers. First, we recommend that you watch the appropriate programming language for mechanical engineers on the MacAcademy website and find out the appropriate programming language for you, and then take steps to learn it correctly. It is highly recommended that you do not neglect to learn the MATLAB software in addition to your desired programming language, which you will definitely need during your studies.

MATLAB software training

MATLAB Abbreviated as MATrix-LABoratory, it refers to the basis of this software, which is based on matrices. This software is for engineers and scientists. While other programming languages ​​work with numbers, MATLAB performs all its calculations based on matrices, and mathematical operations are defined much more simply. MathWoks, the manufacturer of MATLAB, describes MATLAB as follows: The Language of Technical Computing.

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