Fanap scholarship for the top ranks of the 1402 exam


If you are looking for a scholarship in the country and you want to be trained in the field of soft and specialized skills according to the needs of the market, this opportunity has been provided for you in Fanap Holding.

In line with its goals to develop human resources and train specialists, Fanap Holding has provided the opportunity to learn new skills through scholarships for the top ranks of this year’s exam.

Students with the highest ranks of the 1402 entrance exam (up to rank 3000) with the requirement of an average of 18 during their studies, can use the Fanap scholarship for the field of computer engineering at Khatam University.

Pay attention to these benefits:

  • Monthly salary payment of 6 million tomans
  • Social security coverage from the beginning of education
  • Provision of dormitory for non-Tehran students
  • Exemption from paying tuition
  • Internship at Fanap Holding
  • Employment in Fanap Holding after graduation

In addition, the possibility of career path counseling and scientific and specialized guidance is available for accepted students during their studies, and these people can also have a continuous presence in Fanap Holding’s subsidiary companies.

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