The findings of the Nelux report; Online platforms are becoming more and more popular


The share of online media is 15% of the advertising budget and the share of environmental advertising tools is 14% of this budget. This is despite the fact that before, environmental media were in the second place in terms of allocating advertising budget to themselves, but now online media have surpassed them in this field. In terms of the amount of advertising budget spent, print media have only 2% share.

What is the most popular advertising tool?

From the findings of this report, it can be concluded that 1401 was not a good year for advertising in general; Because both the number of advertising projects of television channels has decreased and the amount of advertising budgets allocated to online advertising channels has decreased. The amount of environmental advertising has also decreased and advertising in print media has also experienced a sharp drop.

All this while video is predicted to become the most popular advertising tool in the coming years. In the meantime, promotional videos for social networks will have the greatest influence and impact on Iranian users of these networks. The most important components of this advertising tool are creativity and the ability to measure its effectiveness.

VODs reduced the popularity of television

In this study, 16 different television channels, including channels 1 to 5, Sima, Khabar, iFilm, Nasim, Sports, Documentary, etc., have been examined. Those considered as “audiences” in this study are those who watch at least five hours of television per week.

The findings of the Nelux report show that Se Sima is the most popular TV channel with 46.6%. The sports feature of Channel 3 is influential in its popularity; Because among the programs of this network, after the evening news, the “Top Football” and “Sports Report” programs have been the most popular among the audience. In terms of popularity, iFilm (38 percent), Khabar (34 percent), Sports (33 percent) and First Cima channel (30.4 percent) are ranked second to fifth.

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