Galaxy S23 is cheaper in which countries?

Galaxy S23 is cheaper in which countries?


to the writing of AndroidauthorityThe cheapest place in the world to buy Galaxy S23 is currently China, where this product is available at a price of around $730. The price of this phone in Singapore and Australia is close to the price of China. The interesting thing is that the 128 GB model of Galaxy S23 is not available in South Korea, the main country of Samsung, and the 256 GB model of this device is only $817. Considering this, South Korea is also considered one of the countries where you can buy Samsung flagships cheaper. bought

According to the above table, buying the Galaxy S23 in Mexico and Brazil is more expensive for customers of this device than in other countries; Because the mentioned product is sold in these countries with a label above 1200 dollars, which is most likely due to the fluctuations of the currency market.

We should mention that the Galaxy S23 price in the above list is for the unlocked model, which can be viewed directly from Samsung’s official website in any country. Of course, you can find sellers selling the South Korean tech giant’s 2023 flagships cheaper than anywhere else. However, the main benchmark in this article was the Galaxy S23 price on Samsung’s official website.

In addition, there are other promotional and incentive schemes to consider. In many cases, Samsung offers its flagship phones at a lower price to increase sales. For example, at the time of writing, the Galaxy S23 is priced at $699 on Amazon US, which is $100 cheaper than the price on Samsung’s official website.

What is the reason for the Galaxy S23 price difference in different countries?

Taxes play a very important role in making Samsung Galaxy phones cheaper or more expensive in different countries. The company takes into account the sales tax and import duties of the phone in each country to ensure that it still makes a good profit from selling its products.

In addition, in this article, we compared the price of the Galaxy S23 in different countries with the US dollar, and therefore exchange rates can have a great impact on the final price of the mentioned product. The retail price of this phone was set in February 2023, i.e. before it was released to the market, and for this reason, there may have been fluctuations in the value of countries’ currencies compared to the US dollar since then.


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