This feature in iOS 17 iPhone reduces the possibility of myopia

The latest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system reduces the risk of myopia, especially in children, thanks to the Screen Distance feature. If you suffer from myopia, you will see distant objects blurry and you will need glasses. Myopia is the main cause of visual impairment in children, because children usually hold the device too close to their eyes when using the phone.

Apple’s Screen Distance feature advises users not to place the iPhone and iPad at a distance close to the eyes. After the release of iOS 17, Screen Distance will enter the Screen Time section in the settings menu and can be easily activated.

If you put the device too close to your eyes after activating Screen Distance, you will get the message “iPhone is too close”. Apple says this message is displayed when your eyes are less than 12 inches (roughly 30 cm) away from the screen for an extended period of time.

The Screen Distance feature uses the TrueDepth camera to detect the distance between the screen and the user’s eyes and is compatible with iPhone XS and newer iPhones and iPad Pro 2018 and newer iPads.

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