The fateful case began; the CEO of Microsoft personally goes to court

The fateful case began; the CEO of Microsoft personally goes to court


Microsoft has announced that Satya Nadella (CEO) and Phil Spencer (the head of the Xbox team) and a number of other high-ranking managers send themselves to the court to testify about the company’s position in the Activision Blizzard purchase case. This case was initiated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

written by VergeIn addition, Nadella is supposed to Bobby Kotick (CEO of Activision) will also appear in court this week. This lawsuit is the result of a complaint by the Federal Trade Commission, and it is likely to lead to a ban on the registration of Microsoft and Activision’s contract for a relatively long time.

If the Federal Trade Commission comes out of court, the Activision takeover dream will be dashed. Microsoft has made this clear in court documents.

Sarah Bond (Head of Developer Experience Team at Xbox), Amy Hood (CFO of Microsoft), Matt Booty (head of Xbox game studios) and Tim Stewart (CFO of Microsoft’s gaming unit) are among the other executives who are scheduled to appear in court.

also, Larry Wright who had previously testified on behalf of Microsoft in the case of Apple and Epic Games Armin Zarza (Chief Financial Director of Activision) is another important person who will testify in court.

Jim Ryan, head of the PlayStation team, is scheduled to appear in court via video call and talk about competition in the market. Microsoft has criticized Sony’s executives for not appearing in court. Since the Microsoft and Activision agreement became public, Sony has become the main critic of this agreement.

The court hearing that will begin soon is very fateful for Microsoft. A few days ago, the US Federal Trade Commission asked the court to prevent the conclusion of the contract, and the judge initially agreed to this request.

Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, and if the court rules in favor of the FTC, Microsoft will not be able to acquire Activision until the case is resolved.

Microsoft is obliged to close the contract before July 18 (July 27), and if this does not happen, it must pay three billion dollars in compensation. In addition to the US Federal Trade Commission, the British regulatory body has also opposed the deal. The trial in the UK case will be held in the coming weeks.

The new case between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission will begin in a few hours. The main session is scheduled to start tomorrow. Needless to say, this meeting will continue for five days.


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