Could the earth be inside a black hole?

Could the earth be inside a black hole?


However, it is impossible to prove the said theory; Because nothing can cross the event horizon of a black hole; But if the earth is inside a black hole, we should at least feel its effects. In this case, the Earth must be inside a planetary black hole or even a black hole in the dimensions of the solar system so that traces of its rotation can be observed. Or at least see slight deviations under the influence of the black hole’s strong gravity, such as the slowing down of time or the stretching of matter.

For example, if the Earth is inside an Earth-sized black hole, people can feel the effects of gravitational forces such as spaghetti and time slowing down as they move from one point to another. Therefore, the possible black hole that hosts the Earth must be massive and in the dimensions of the universe; In such a way that you cannot witness gravitational deviations by traveling in it.

According to Khanna, earthlings have no way to find out about the existence of another parent world from inside a black hole world; So finding other worlds will be difficult to say the least. It goes without saying that this hypothesis, if true, will be very surprising.


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