How to install Content-Aware Fill artificial intelligence on Photoshop

How to install Content-Aware Fill artificial intelligence on Photoshop


What are the uses of artificial intelligence in Photoshop?

These days, when the artificial intelligence market is very hot in all fields, Photoshop software also tries to help users achieve amazing results with less effort and time using artificial intelligence technologies.

In addition to the Content-Aware Fill feature, which we will fully explain how to use in this article, before its introduction, Photoshop subtly used artificial intelligence to help its customers.

For example, one of the amazing applications of artificial intelligence in Photoshop is Sky Replacement. This feature intelligently separates the sky from the foreground and allows you to replace it with a different sky in just a few clicks. Sky Replacement uses artificial intelligence to analyze the colors, light and perspective of the image and automatically adjusts the new sky accordingly.

You can choose from predefined sky types such as blue sky, cloudy sky, sunset or night sky. Also, you can import your sky images into the app and save them as presets for future use.

Sky Replacement is a great way to change the mood of your images without spending hours on manual editing. You can access this feature from the Edit menu or the Properties panel in Photoshop.

Another useful application of artificial intelligence in Photoshop is the Discover panel; A new tool that helps you work faster and smarter. The Discover panel uses artificial intelligence to make recommendations based on you and your work, and includes one-click actions to speed up results.

For example, from the Discover panel to search for the tools, commands, tutorials and tips you need in Photoshop and to access recent files, cloud documents, presets, libraries, etc. and to apply quick actions such as cropping, resizing, rotating or exporting Use your own image.

The Discover panel is designed to help you learn new skills, find what you need, and get things done faster. You can access it from the Window menu or the main screen in Photoshop.

Is it possible to create a new photo with Content-Aware Fill artificial intelligence?


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