Reviving the Mi Mix Alpha phone? Xiaomi moves the rear cameras under the display!


The published images of the patent show a device that is very similar to the Mi Mix Alpha and is equipped with a display that also covers part of the back panel. In the center of the back panel, we see a strip on which the display is not used.

According to the images, the new Xiaomi device has a selfie camera and three rear cameras, all of which are placed under the display.

In 2021, Xiaomi moved the camera under the screen with the Mix 4 phone. The idea of ​​a selfie camera under the display is not new; But so far we have not seen any device that moves the rear panel cameras under the display.

Selfie cameras under the display do not perform satisfactorily at the moment and the quality of their images is far from expected; But with the passage of time, they will definitely experience many improvements.

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