The best free online quiz maker; Introduction of 4 test making sites

Pressline is one of the most famous and best free Iranian test maker websites. Register and make the test in Pressline It is free and you can use Google and Yahoo account to enter this website.

With the pressline test maker website, you can determine the language of the test and create tests with other languages. The start and end time of the test can be determined by the manufacturer, and a graph is designed to analyze the scores of the test candidates by Pressline.

In some tests, it is only possible to answer with the computer system and they are not compatible with other devices such as mobile phones and tablets; But Pressline is compatible with all devices. The organizer of the exam in Pressline can find out about the location of the candidate by activating the location view option.

Users can rate the test questions held on Pressline so that the test organizer knows about the quality of the questions asked.

Taking the exam in Pressline is free; But to access more facilities, two professional and organizational panels can be used. A professional panel can be purchased at a price of 200 thousand tomans for a one-month subscription and an organizational panel at a price of 500 thousand tomans for a one-month subscription.

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