Meta and Qualcomm offer AI on different devices without the need for internet

Meta and Qualcomm offer AI on different devices without the need for internet


Meta and Qualcomm are two big tech companies, each dominating different aspects of the industry. According to recent reports, the two companies have teamed up to optimize Llama 2’s meta-language models that run directly on the device, eliminating the need to access cloud services to take advantage of AI. By running generative artificial intelligence models like Llama 2 on smartphones, PCs, VR and AR headsets, and cars, developers can provide users with highly personalized, reliable, and practical experiences, and in addition, significant savings in cloud service costs. .

Meta and Qualcomm’s partnership aims to make Llama 2-based AI implementations available on the device, enabling developers to build innovative AI applications. Users, partners, and developers can leverage the power of AI experiences to build intelligent virtual assistants, productivity tools, content creation platforms, and entertainment apps. One of the significant advantages of artificial intelligence on the device is the possibility of using it in different areas that do not have access to the Internet.

Durga Maladisenior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm’s technology, planning and innovation businesses, supported Meta’s approach to open and responsible AI development. Melody He emphasized the company’s commitment to create innovation and facilitate the development of artificial intelligence for developers of all dimensions, and predicted that this technology will be implemented seamlessly on cloud and modern devices such as smartphones, laptops, vehicles and Internet of Things devices.

written by GizmochinaThe collaboration between Meta and Qualcomm builds on their long history of innovation and delivering superior devices. The partnership includes collaborative research and product engineering efforts aimed at supporting the Llama ecosystem. Given Qualcomm’s leadership in on-device AI and the company’s massive presence in the modern age, billions of smartphones, vehicles, mixed reality headsets, smart glasses, PCs, and IoT devices can take advantage of Llama.

Qualcomm will offer Llama 2-based AI implementations on devices equipped with Snapdragon chips from 2024 onwards. Developers can optimize their apps for on-device AI starting today using Qualcomm’s AI Stack. The AI ​​Stack includes a set of proprietary tools that enable more efficient AI processing on Snapdragon platforms. This technology enables the advancement of artificial intelligence on the device even in products that have small dimensions, weight and thickness, and the future of this technology looks promising and full of surprises.


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