Samsung takes on SK Hynix by mass-producing artificial intelligence memory chips

Samsung takes on SK Hynix by mass-producing artificial intelligence memory chips


Samsung, one of the largest companies in the world’s semiconductor industry, plans to start mass production of high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips for applications related to artificial intelligence. In fact, the Korean tech giant wants to close the gap with SK Hynix with this move.

According to Korean media reports, Samsung plans to start mass production of HBM chips in the second half of 2023; Chips specifically designed for artificial intelligence. SK Hynix will have approximately 50% of the HBM chip market share in 2022; While Samsung’s share was 40% in this period.

In addition, Micron had acquired 10% of the said market share last year. Interestingly, the HBM market is only about 1% of the total DRAM chips. According to the current predictions about the growth of the artificial intelligence market, the demand for HBM solutions is expected to increase.

Samsung wants to get closer to SK Hynix by increasing the production of its HBM3 chips in 16GB and 24GB capacity. These advanced chips use a general stacking technique to combine multiple DRAMs, and their speed reaches 6.4 Gbps.

Gizmochina He writes that while the term artificial intelligence has attracted the attention of many large and small companies around the world, taking into account the increasing acceptance of servers based on this technology, the need for HBM solutions increases, and this indicates the coordination of Samsung’s strategic action with the needs of the market.

With Samsung joining the ranks of mass producers of HBM chips and the company’s commitment to supercomputers based on this technology, the competition to dominate the said market is expected to intensify by 2028.


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