Switching between local and cloud version of Windows 11 is enabled for normal users of this operating system

Switching between local and cloud version of Windows 11 is enabled for normal users of this operating system


With Windows 365, Microsoft is rapidly moving its enterprise services to the cloud and now plans to follow this strategy for regular users as well. The Redmond-based tech giant has given interesting explanations about streaming the full version of Windows on any device.

Moving Windows 11 to the cloud is considered as the company’s long-term plan for ordinary users, and the goal is that everyone can take advantage of the power of cloud services to use improved tools based on artificial intelligence.

Windows 365 service provides the possibility of streaming the full version of Windows; Of course, this feature has been limited to Microsoft’s enterprise customers so far; But this company has deeply integrated the mentioned service with Windows 11 for some time.

Future updates include Windows 365 Boot, which will allow Windows 11 devices to boot directly into the cloud version of the operating system instead of a local version of Windows. This feature is also built into Windows 11 to integrate cloud computing with virtual desktop capabilities.

Windows 365 Switch allows Windows 365 users to switch between local desktops and cloud PCs in a Windows 11 environment. Also, Microsoft is working on a Windows 365 offline feature that will allow you to use a local version of the Windows operating system when you don’t have Internet access to access your cloud PC.

McCloy “In this situation, if Internet access is restored, the cloud computer will automatically synchronize with the Windows 365 service, and none of the users’ data will be lost,” he says.

written by VergeWindows 11 will also receive native Windows 365 software. This feature allows Windows 11 users to access the personal cloud computer through the taskbar or start menu without opening the browser.

Panos Panay, the head of Microsoft’s Windows and Surface unit, considers the latest cloud features of Windows 11 to be the beginning of the cloud integration path of this operating system. The mentioned changes can indicate a new path for Windows; Because Microsoft plans to continue the integration of Windows 365 and Windows 11 in the future.

“The organizations that thrived in the last two years were the ones that embraced digital transformation,” says Panay. We cannot always predict what will happen; But we can make sure that Windows is at the forefront of various technologies, including cloud services and intelligence, and adapts organizations to future changes.”


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