Do these seven solutions really prevent mosquito bites?

Do these seven solutions really prevent mosquito bites?


A study from 2010 measured whether drinking beer affected people’s attraction to mosquitoes. The results showed that after drinking beer, the volunteers’ body odor was more attractive to mosquitoes. No change was observed in the amount of mosquitoes attracted to volunteers after drinking water.

A study published in the journal Nature shows that one of the ingredients in deodorants (isopropyl tetradecanoate) repels mosquitoes by preventing them from sitting on surfaces covered with deodorant. In the mentioned study, a 56% reduction in the number of mosquitoes sitting on the surface was observed. It is more important to use deodorant when exercising; Because another study published in the journal Nature shows that mosquitoes are more attracted to you if you are sweaty.

Garlic and vitamin B

Many people use garlic and B vitamin supplements as home remedies to repel mosquitoes. In a study published in 2005, participants were exposed to mosquitoes after consuming garlic or a placebo. The number of mosquito bites was recorded along with other measurements and the results did not indicate the effect of garlic on mosquito repellence. Likewise, another study in 2005 showed that taking vitamin B supplements did not affect the attractiveness of skin odor to mosquitoes.

Diet repellent

Deet is a chemical found in many insect repellents that can be applied to the skin. Diet does not have a pleasant smell and looks a little oily; But repellents containing deet provide the longest protection against mosquito bites compared to other repellents.

Spraying insecticide on clothes

If you don’t want to apply repellents directly to your skin, you can spray an insect repellent like permethrin on your clothes. Spraying insecticide on clothing is an effective way to prevent mosquito bites, and the military also uses it.

Have you tried everything and still get bitten by mosquitoes? Maybe you are unlucky and your genetics affect your body odor and attractiveness to mosquitoes.


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