Apple competitor ChatGPT will probably do the coding for you automatically!

Apple competitor ChatGPT will probably do the coding for you automatically!


Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT and Bing Chatbot have gained a lot of popularity in recent months, and this has led many large and small technology companies to make efforts to enter the field of chatbots. Although Apple has been tight-lipped on the matter so far, it seems that it is finally planning to launch its own AI chatbot.

Apple’s recently filed patent details how to use machine learning in Xcode to automatically generate code for developers. This project can help programmers who develop their applications for the Apple ecosystem to make better applications for users.

Apple’s new patent shows that the company will use machine learning to automatically complete lines of code, check existing code for bugs, etc.; an attractive feature that can help save developers time and energy.

In addition, Apple describes its new idea as a way to remove barriers for new developers; Because novice programmers are probably not familiar with how to set up the right software and hardware to use machine learning models.

Also, Apple’s new patent shows how the company will integrate machine learning models into the software development environment in a similar way to functions and classes. This feature helps the developer to take advantage of all the advantages of machine learning and the way it works is just like using normal classes; Therefore, it will not require complicated settings.

Digital Trends He writes that instead of releasing a standalone chatbot, Apple integrates its coding tool directly with Xcode; Just like the Adobe company that has put artificial intelligence tools directly in the heart of Photoshop. It is possible that Apple’s new artificial intelligence feature, like Microsoft’s Copilot tool, will make its way to other programs of the company at the system level.

Since AI tools like ChatGPT are easy to work with, Apple’s new idea could appeal to many developers; Because they can use the advantages of this company’s artificial intelligence directly in the Xcode environment.


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