registration training in Trades; How to start Threads?

registration training in Trades;  How to start Threads?


5. Finally, tap on the Join Threads option to complete the process of creating a Threads user account.

How to register on Trades without having an Instagram account

Trends is heavily dependent on Instagram and at the time of writing there is no way to sign up for Trends without having an Instagram account. We will update the article if we find a solution.

Is it possible to use Trades on the web?

In addition to the mobile version of Trades, Meta has made the web version of this social network available to users. To view the web version of Threads, you must log in to the website.

Also, if you want to see other people’s posts on the web, you should enter For example, if you’re looking to see Zoomit’s posts, go to

Follow Zomit on Trades

Zomit has set up an account on Trades at the same time as other world media. In this social network, we cover news and important topics on a daily basis and sometimes conduct polls.

In order to follow Zomit account in Trades, use the option below.


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