Watch: Google’s Pixel Fold phone breaks when pressure is applied to the hinge

The Pixel Fold comes at a reasonable price of $1,800, and it can be described as one of the best foldable phones out there right now, competing with the likes of the Galaxy Zfold 4 and Oppo Find N2. This device uses ergonomic design and high-quality camera system, but the video of the famous channel JerryRigEverything It shows its low resistance to bending.

Zach Nelson, has tested the Pixel Fold according to its usual framework to measure its resistance to bending, scratches and flame. The interesting thing is that by applying relatively high pressure to the back of the Pixel Fold folding screen, this device breaks in a strange way and the screen turns off forever.

Like most smartphones today, the Pixel Fold’s external display has a glass cover that can be scratched with a 6 line tool and a 7 tool that leaves deeper scratches on the surface of the screen. But the folding screen of this device is made of plastic like other examples in the market, and therefore it can easily be scratched with tools number 2 and 3 and even fingernails.

Next, you can watch the video of the Pixel Fold resistance test against bending, scratches and flame.

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