What is the most popular version of Android and the most popular browser among the users of this operating system?

The Uptodown app store analyzed the traffic statistics of its 132 million unique monthly users and came up with some interesting results about the popularity of different versions of Android and more. The data of this app store shows that Google Chrome is currently the most popular Android browser and 85.5% of the users of the mentioned operating system use it.

Samsung Internet is the second most popular Android browser with a share of 3.7%, far from Chrome, and Opera is the third most popular browser with a share of 1.74%. According to the data Uptodown UC browser and Firefox are in fourth and fifth place with a share of 0.7 and 0.65 percent, respectively.

Android 11 was recognized as the most used version of this operating system for the second year in a row and is installed on 20.89% of Android devices. Android 13 is the second most popular version of Google’s mobile operating system with a share of 17.23%, followed by Android 12 with a share of 12.95%, Android 10 with a share of 12.34%, and Android 9 with a share of 8.14%. .

Although the spread of use of new versions of Android depends largely on the manufacturers of devices equipped with this operating system, Uptodown says that Android 13 has managed to quickly gain a significant user base in the short time since its public release.

The title of the most popular Android phone brand was also assigned to Samsung (with a 31.51 percent share), which is not surprising because the South Korean technology giant has been one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world for years. Xiaomi is the second most popular brand of Android phones with a share of 18.73%, and Huawei is the third with a share of 10.04%, and Oppo and Vivo are with a share of 5.92% and 5.41%, respectively. They are in the next positions.

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