Prepare to say goodbye to the bard; The name of Google’s artificial intelligence is changed to “Jumnai”.

In an expected move, Google is changing the name of its artificial intelligence from Bard to Jumnai. Earlier there were reports about changing the name of Bard and now it seems that Google is determined to change the name of its chatbot.

Google announced some time ago that it will make available a special version of Assistant called Assistant with Bard, but the naming of this service was followed by many criticisms.

In response to criticism, Google changed the name of the service to Bard at the end of December and said that some processes are in charge of Google Assistant. This change made users confused about the differences between Google Assistant and Assistant with Bard service.

One of the knowledgeable sources By publishing a post in X Says Google is fully committed to renaming Bard. In the Bard web application, the phrase Bard is now Gemini is displayed, which directly refers to the renaming of Google’s artificial intelligence.

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