Apple’s services business breaks records every quarter

Apple’s financial report for the quarter ending December 30, 2023 (10 January 1402). has published That represents $119.6 billion in revenue and $33.9 billion in profit for the Cupertino tech giant. Apple’s overall revenue has increased by two percent compared to last year, and the amount of profit has grown by 13 percent annually.

The iPhone is still the main source of Apple’s revenue, and $69.7 billion of the company’s revenue came from the sale of these phones, while Apple’s services business, including Apple Music, TV Plus, iCloud, and the App Store, accounted for $23.1 billion. It has reached an unprecedented level of income.

In the final quarter of 2023, $11.9 billion in revenue came from sales of Apple smartwatches and other accessories such as AirPods, while MacBook revenue in the channel remained stable at $7.8 billion.

iPad revenue has dropped from $9.4 billion last year to $7 billion, a 25 percent drop. Apple did not introduce any new iPads in 2023, which could be the main reason for the sharp decline in the tablet segment.

The US was Apple’s strongest market with net sales of $50.4 billion, followed by Europe with $30 billion and China with $20.8 billion. The creator of the iPhone proudly announced that it now has 2.2 billion active devices worldwide. Tim CookApple’s CEO, on the eve of the launch of the Vision Pro headset in the United States, noted Apple’s commitment to stunning innovation.

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