Poco F5 review Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Turbo; Economic gamer friendly

Poco F5 review  Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Turbo;  Economic gamer friendly


Poco F series phones are usually attractive options for mobile gamers; Powerful models that are introduced at a much lower price compared to flagship phones and flagship killers; Although they are placed in a lower position in departments such as camera and build quality.

The starting point of the F series was the Poco F1 model, which was actually the first Poco product. At first, Poco started as a sub-brand of Xiaomi; But after a while he became independent; Of course, the presence of Xiaomi can still be felt in all Poco products.

From the beginning, Poco followed a different strategy with the release of the F1 model: high power and reasonable price while sacrificing the quality of the body and camera; Therefore, you should minimize your expectations of these two items in Poco phones. Poco’s golden idea quickly made it popular; But the F2 model, despite the improvement of the body quality, was not well received.

Following the failure of Poco F2, the next model was introduced in two versions, F3 and F3 GT, and the basic model achieved high sales by attracting customers’ opinions; But the F4 model suffered the fate of F2 again. As it has been for years, the F5 has the potential to achieve success with its powerful hardware.

Xiaomi Poco F5 is actually a renamed version of Redmi Note 12 Turbo, and the upcoming review can be extended to this powerful model from the Redmi brand.

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Design and build quality of Xiaomi Poco F5

At first glance, the Poco F5 looked very similar to the Nubia Redmagic 8 gaming phone; The combination of the flat frame and the slight protrusion of the camera and the narrow edges of the screen have caused such a similarity; Of course, Poco F5 is not different from the previous generation except for the island design of the camera module and the lower thickness of the lower edge of the display.

Unlike the GT model, Poco F5 uses a completely plastic body, which is a setback even compared to the previous generation; Because Poco F4 uses glass on the back.


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