Meet “Dr. Deep Sea”; The scientist who broke the record for the longest stay underwater

“I hardly ever have a day off,” Dittori says. “But when you’re stuck in a small space, it’s a really good thing to keep busy.”

To avoid focusing on the time left in the mission, Dettori learned not to keep track of the time ahead of him. “I have stopped counting the days,” he says. “You just have to put your mind to it and do it.”

During Detori’s stay, about 50 people including family members, doctors, scientists and school students met him. This helped to reduce the mental challenges caused by prolonged confinement and solitude. According to Dettori, virtual communication with the outside world has also been helpful for him; But this connection is nothing like meeting people in person.

Dettori’s career in the US Navy helped him overcome the psychological challenges of living underwater; But some aspects of the experience still shocked him. He says: “One of the things that surprised me the most is how much I miss the sun. I want to go out and [به آن] Let me take a look.” But what Dettori missed the most during his mission was skydiving.

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