What is Power BI? Power BI business intelligence tool in plain language

If you’re looking for alternatives to Microsoft’s Power BI service, you can choose from several examples of competitors for this business analytics service.

In the meantime, you can refer to services such as Tableau due to in-depth analysis in KPI, Sisene service suitable for medium-sized companies, QlikSense service with attractive pre-made templates, Zoho Analytics KPI recording economic option and maybe Holistics service, which is suitable for non-tech users.

Power BI’s list of competitors can still be mentioned with Mixpanle services due to its ease of use and Geckoboard due to the addition of dashboards on TV.

Power BI learning resources on YouTube

Today, YouTube is one of the most important learning resources that can play a role as one of the most useful educational resources by finding reliable and technical channels. The best YouTube channels for learning Power BI can be introduced as per the list below.

1- Guy in a Cube YouTube channel: This channel is almost the first choice of many people in learning Power BI. In addition to sharing the latest news about Power BI, this channel also covers tricks and tutorials on using its tools, and its videos are highly technical and of high quality.

2- BI Elite YouTube channel: This YouTube channel has started its activity since 2017. The BI Elite YouTube channel focuses on tricks and ways to use Power BI that the average user undoubtedly doesn’t know about.

3- SQLBI YouTube channel: This YouTube channel can be the first stop for most users to learn about DAX within Power BI and SSAS. While they started the process of creating and producing video content for YouTube in 2020 and finally finished building their YouTube channel, their blog is one of the most popular blogs on the Internet.


With these interpretations, if you plan to use data analysis services for your business, Microsoft’s Power BI service can provide you with many features. The good thing about this service is that Power BI Desktop is always free for users; Of course, the Power BI service has its paid and free version, which will provide special features according to the user’s choice.

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