Opera One was released; Special version of Opera with artificial intelligence


Some time after the unveiling of a new version of Opera that is equipped with artificial intelligence, this browser is finally available to the public. Opera One is currently in early access and Windows, Mac and Linux users can download it by visiting The official website of the company download

Opera One has a feature called Aria, which is accessible from the side menu. To start working with Aria, you can use the shortcut / + CTRL on Windows and / + Command on Mac. Aria artificial intelligence is also available for the Android version of the Opera browser.

Aria artificial intelligence is the result of Opera’s collaboration with OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT). Aria connects to the GPT language model and provides live information from the web to answer user questions.

Like other AI chatbots, Aria writes text and code, and in addition to its general utility, it also has the ability to answer questions about Opera products.

based on what Android Users can also access ChatGPT and ChatSonic through Opera One’s side menu, he says. In order to access Aria, you must log in to your Opera account.

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