my rightel system; Guide to features and services

my rightel system;  Guide to features and services


Different operators create and provide application software to provide their various services and also to make it easier for their subscribers to use the facilities provided by the operator.

In the same way that the first mobile operators and Irancell have designed and presented mobile apps to their subscribers and users, Rightel has also launched the Rightelman system as well as the Rightelman mobile application to provide its facilities and services. In addition to the application, Rightel has a system called My Rightel system, which is available for subscribers of this operator.

This application is available on phones with Android operating system. For Rightel subscribers who use iPhone and IOS operating system, the version of My Rightel web application is also available. iPhone users can also download this application from Iranian stores for iPhone applications.

If you are a subscriber of the Rightel operator and want to get acquainted with the Rightelman application, learn about the various services of the Rightelman application and learn how to work with it, stay with Zomit until the end of this article.

Download and install My Rightel application

The various features that Rightel has planned for its subscribers are available to users in this application, and people can install it and use its services by getting Rightel My application from Rightel’s website or software and application stores.

If you intend to download and install this app to Writel website Go to In the top bar of the screen, click on “My Rightel” option and then select “Download My Rightel” option. In this way, you will be shown a page where you can choose which platform to use to download this application according to the type of operating system of your phone. By clicking on the desired platform, you will be directed to the page of receiving this application on the platform.


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