According to the DMA, Apple must provide the possibility of sideloading the app on iOS by March 2024

Thierry BurtonThe European Union’s industry director announced yesterday that seven major technology companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta and Microsoft, will soon have to comply with the EU’s stricter rules.

Samsung and Tik Tok also unexpectedly announced that they will meet the criteria of the European Union. also announced that it will have to follow the new rules of the union from next year.

According to the European Union’s Digital Markets (DMA) rules, companies with more than 45 million monthly active users and a market capitalization of $82 million or more must meet the EU’s criteria. As a result, the DMA requires these companies to offer developers the ability to use competing platforms and give users the power to choose which apps come pre-installed on their devices.

According to the guidelines, the DMA can compel Apple to allow users to use app stores other than the App Store on the iPhone, and also allow them to download apps directly from third-party sources. Apple has always announced that its closed product ecosystem helps the company monitor all the programs installed on users’ devices and thus prevent the installation of malware on iPhones and iPads.

to report ReutersDMA could also force Apple to allow the use of in-app payment systems other than the company’s internal payment service in its games and apps. It is worth noting that Apple currently allocates 30% of developers’ income in the App Store and such an action can lead to a decrease in its revenue generation.

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