Zarepour: Failure to consolidate the Internet network by the telecommunications company causes network saturation and creates problems for people

Issa Zarepour, on the sidelines of today’s meeting, July 14th, the government delegation, referring to the president’s order to form a working group to investigate the problem of slow internet speed, announced the formation of this working group under the supervision of the National Cyber ​​Space Center and said:

“Last week, Mr. President, at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, ordered the formation of a working group to investigate the complaints of the compatriots regarding the Internet. “We introduced our representatives to the National Center of Cyberspace to participate in this working group.”

Referring to the responsibility of the National Center for Cyberspace to investigate this issue, he expressed hope that the capacities of this center will be used to solve problems that are beyond the will and authority of the Ministry of Communications:

“We hope that the National Cyber ​​Space Center will use its capacities in a new era to play a more effective role than in the past and that the extra-instrumental role of this center will be used to solve problems that are beyond the will of the Ministry of Communications.”

The Minister’s intention is that among the issues beyond the control of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology are the following issues and challenges related to Iran Telecommunication Company and the issue of filtering. He said about the issues related to the telecommunications company:

“In the field of corporate governance and the role of private companies in the network, which for some reason did not fulfill their mission properly. For example, the Iranian Telecommunication Company has not performed its duties properly in the aggregation layer and the network within the cities and provinces.

By stating the issue of not consolidating the network, Zarepour implicitly threw the ball on the problems of the Internet network in the field of the telecommunications company and explained: “The network is in a saturated state and has caused problems for some provinces in some hours. These issues should be dealt with in the National Center of Cyberspace.

The issue of disputes between the Ministry of Communications and the Iranian Telecommunications Company is an old dispute that has intensified since last year. The Ministry of Communications had previously announced that although Telecom is not a state-owned company, the Ministry is looking to solve its problems, especially in the issue of pensioners’ payments of this company.

Yesterday evening, there was a regulatory disagreement with the telecommunications company regarding the renewal of the license of the Iranian telecommunications company, which led to a new story between the government and this private company. The story is that the Regulatory Organization requested the extension of the telecommunication license due to the non-fulfillment of the provisions of the Commission’s approvals and the obligations of the aforementioned license, including the provision of up-to-date telephone and data in cities, the implementation of Bitstream’s approval, traffic separation, exit from PCM and the complaint registered in the system. 195 and did not accept and rejected the change of status of martyrs.

Of course, the Iranian Telecommunication Company also stated that the letter of the Regulatory Organization has “many legal and legal loopholes” and announced that it will respond to the issues raised in this letter in a “substantiated and documented” manner.

None of the foreign platforms have applied to be present in Iran

The issue of filtering was raised once again as a regular question of journalists to the Minister of Communications, and he got the same answer: “Filtering is outside the government’s decision-making framework.” Zarepour said that this issue will be investigated in the committee related to filtering, and the government does not have much of a role in this committee and its decisions.

Of course, the Minister of Communications has been saying since 6 months ago that the expert opinion of the Ministry of Communications is to remove the restrictions on platforms that have no reason to be filtered, but these restrictions are still in place. He mentioned the same issue today and said that some platforms like Google Play, some popular games and some services that people need have been filtered for no reason.

Of course, this issue does not include social networks and messengers. Zarepour explained about these platforms as follows: “Regarding messengers and social networks, we are subject to the decisions of higher centers, which must be subject to the internal laws of the country.”

The condition that is constantly announced to remove the restrictions of social networks and messengers is the presence of their representatives in Iran. The Minister of Communications announced in this regard today: “We welcome the activity of any foreign platform, whether western or eastern, that accepts the rules of the Islamic Republic and guarantees people’s rights.”

Of course, none of the foreign platforms have requested to be present in Iran and set up a representative office in our country. The Minister of Communications announced this issue and said: “Of course, we are not in charge of this matter, the National Center of Cyberspace is the decision maker. But as far as I know, they haven’t made a request.”

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