The price of the Xiaomi car has been finalized

The price of the Xiaomi car has been finalized


Ever since the official entry of Xiaomi into the electric car market, expectations from this company have risen. So far, various images have been attributed to the Xiaomi car, and new reports say that the Chinese company has made significant progress in the production of the car.

A supplier involved in Xiaomi’s car production project says the price of the product has been finalized. The company has not mentioned the price yet, but some time ago it was said on social networks that the price of the Xiaomi car starts at 149,900 yuan ($20,777). Of course, one of the managers of Xiaomi rejected that price.

Based on the writing GizmochinaXiaomi car development has a stable trend. The Xiaomi car was seen on a snowy road some time ago, and it is necessary to conduct more tests on this car in summer and winter conditions. The Xiaomi car will probably arrive in the first half of 2024.


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