MSI Quantum Dot 32-inch monitor review; A suitable option for 2K games and graphic design


The set of MSI monitor features becomes even more complete with the addition of support for Nvidia’s G-SYNC and AMD’s FreeSync Premium standards, and gamers can rely on VRR technology or variable refresh rate, even their 9th generation consoles such as Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Connect your monitor. Fortunately, the use of the 16:9 aspect ratio is once again seen as a positive point, and the image is not stretched when the console is connected.

The MSI monitor’s gaming features don’t stop there, and with useful features such as Night Vision, display refresh rate and response time, as well as dedicated profiles for different gaming styles, the MAG32 is armed to the teeth for the battlefield.

The Taiwanese have even included the Smart Crosshair feature in the monitor software so that you can have an advanced pointer in shooter games.

There are few monitors in the market that can meet the needs of two completely different groups, and MSI’s MAG32 monitor should be considered one of these models; a large device; But it is completely practical and valuable, which can easily be a suitable option for designers in addition to gamers.

The positive features of the monitor were mentioned during the review; But as a summary of the most important features of this monitor, we should mention the 170 Hz refresh rate, Quantum Dot IPS LCD panel with the ability to display a wide range of colors with appropriate concentration, support for popular standards such as G-SYNC and FreeSync, and finally attractive software features such as KVM.

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