Housing construction loan details 1402 + education 0 to 100 registration

Housing construction loan details 1402 + education 0 to 100 registration


In the next steps, enter identity information, property information, collateral information, information confirmation and payment so that your request for a housing construction loan is registered in the housing bank system.

In this way, your registration process will be completed and your request will be registered. After registering the application, you can track your application on the website of Maskan Bank using the tracking code sent to your mobile number.

Apart from the online method, you can visit one of the Bank Maskan branches in person to go through the registration process and apply for a housing loan.

The amount of housing loan in 1402

Housing construction loans increased this year compared to last year and reached 600 million tomans. Of course, the ceiling of this loan is different in different cities. Based on the size and population of the cities, the amount that people can receive as loans and housing construction facilities is determined.

In the following list, the amounts of housing loans in different cities are mentioned:

  • A loan of 600 million tomans: This loan is intended for the construction of housing in the provinces of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Karaj, Qom, Sari and Rasht.
  • A loan of 500 million tomans: This loan is granted to those who intend to build housing in other provincial centers or to build houses in cities with more than 200 thousand people.
  • A loan of 450 million tomans: This loan is granted to applicants who are not in the first and second categories of cities.
  • Loans of 300, 350 and 400 million tomans: These loans are granted to people who intend to build houses in cities with a population of less than 200,000 people, and the tehsil ceiling for these cities is 300, 350 or 400 million tomans.

Keep in mind that these amounts have been determined as the payment limit for housing construction loans, and different banks consider and pay an amount for providing housing construction loans to the applicant according to the budget of their fund as well as the applicants’ conditions. This amount can be different according to the fund capacity of different banks; Therefore, before applying for a home loan, inquire about the amount and amount of the loan from your desired bank.

The duration of the housing construction loan repayment period

Different banks consider various plans for granting loans and housing construction facilities, which have different conditions in terms of the number of installments, repayment period, etc. Therefore, we suggest you to inquire about different housing construction loan plans from banks and finally, choose the loan that suits you best.

Despite this, regarding the repayment period of the housing construction loan, keep in mind this general point that among the various housing construction loan plans offered by the banks, the maximum period of time for the repayment of this loan was 12 years, and the recipients will finally have until the end of this period. They have a deadline to pay their loan installments.

The number of home loan installments

The number of loan installments and housing construction facilities are also among the things that are different according to the type of loan, the bank and also the conditions considered for the loan, including the loan repayment period mentioned in the previous section. For this reason, there is no specific answer and number for the number of mortgage loan installments, and if you want to know the exact number, you should ask the bank for the various mortgage loan plans and ask the bank operators for the number of installments in each plan.

Interest percentage of housing loan

Although the determination of the amount of interest that the bank receives for the housing construction loan is different according to the conditions of the loan you have received, but currently a certain ceiling has been considered for the interest of this loan. The interest ceiling for loans and housing construction facilities in banks is 18%.

Keep in mind that this amount of interest is only for large loans, i.e. housing construction loans of 300 million tomans to 600 million tomans. For loans with smaller amounts, the interest received is determined according to the amount of the loan you have received, and the interest is much lower.

Necessary conditions to receive this loan

Housing construction loans are offered by different banks, so the conditions for obtaining them may be slightly different in different banks. However, there are some general conditions for getting a home construction loan, which we have listed below:

  • Applicants must be over 18 years old
  • Applicants must have independent income
  • Applicants should not have bad credit history
  • Applicants should not have a history of bounced checks
  • Applicants should not have a history of non-payment of loan installments and facilities
  • Applicants for housing construction loans from a bank should not have received any other housing-related loans from that bank.

Required documents to get a housing loan

If you intend to receive a housing construction loan and you have the conditions set for it and mentioned in this article, it is necessary to prepare the documents required for the registration of this loan and after that, to register to Apply in person or in person.

Of course, the type of documents required to register a housing loan may be different in different banks, but the documents that are received from you in most banks providing this loan are listed below:

  • Original copy of birth certificate
  • Copies of all birth certificate pages
  • Original copy of national card
  • A copy of the back and on the national card
  • Completion of the registration form by the applicant
  • Providing documents related to the land where you plan to build the house
  • Presenting a power of attorney (for people whose lawyer registered the loan application)
  • Providing the lawyer’s identification documents (for people whose lawyer registered the loan application)

The important thing about the “documents related to the land on which you intend to build a house” is that the documents of your desired land are mandatory to meet the conditions of a residential house. If the conditions of the land cannot be met, you will not be granted a housing loan.

Therefore, it is necessary for the applicants to receive this loan, in order to meet the conditions of their residential house, to have the documents related to the six dong land document, land contract, urban land transfer agreement, registered ownership document and other related documents and submit them to the bank.

How many guarantors does a housing construction loan require?

Although the usual procedure of banks for granting loans and facilities to applicants is to introduce a guarantor to guarantee the repayment of the loan, but the introduction of the guarantor is not part of the conditions for applying for and receiving a housing loan, and only the documents mentioned earlier are sufficient for applying for a loan.

It is enough for the applicant to prove by providing documents that he has independent income and the ability to repay the loan, and also, he has no history of debt or bad credit, so that his credit will be increased to receive a loan from the bank and he will be granted a housing loan.

Which banks give housing loans?

According to the notification of the central bank to the different banks of the country, in addition to Maskan Bank, which is the main bank in the field of paying housing facilities, five agricultural, export, trade, cooperative development and post government banks are also obliged to pay various loans that are provided in the field of housing. .

In this article, Zomit has mentioned all the necessary points for applying, registering and receiving a housing construction loan and has explained the general points about this loan. However, keep in mind that these banks may have different conditions for granting mortgage loans, for more details about the documents you need to apply for a loan, visit one of the branches of the bank in question and the conditions ask for


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