The Apple car will probably be launched by 2026

The Apple car will probably be launched by 2026


Daniel IvesWedbush analyst claims that the Apple car is on the way and this product will be released by 2026.

Apple still hasn’t confirmed the rumors related to the development of the car; However, it can be said that this car is under construction because the technology giant from Cupertino has registered at least hundreds of patents related to the car, including seat belts.

Apple recently entered into a partnership with the Arizona Self-Driving Vehicle Testing Center, and periodic reports report major changes in project staff such as managers, engineers, or even changes in the entire team.

Daniel Ivesthe Wedbush analyst announced in an interview with CNBC on Friday morning. Now our discussion about the Apple car is when it will be introduced.

Ives In 2021, he wrote in a note addressed to investors that now is the time for Apple’s electric car to enter the market. This analyst said in February of the same year that Apple will probably announce a strategic partnership with one of the automobile brands within the next 6 months.

AppleInsider He writes, Apple still hasn’t announced any news about partnerships with automotive brands, but Ives It predicts that the electric car of the technology giant from Cupertino will be released by 2026. On the other, Ming Chi Ku He announced that the said car will be launched in 2025.

However, it is said that Apple has probably been working on electric cars since 2014, even before the introduction of the first generation Apple Watch.


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