Microsoft increased the price of Xbox Series X and Game Pass


Microsoft has announced that the price of the Xbox Series X will increase in all countries except the United States, Japan, Chile, Brazil and Colombia. This price increase is scheduled for August 1.

Also, Microsoft plans to increase the monthly subscription price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services for the first time from next month. With this price increase, the purchase of the game is subject to a monthly payment of $10.99. This service is currently priced at $9.99.

One of the executives of Xbox made a statement to the news agency Verge posted and said that Microsoft has kept the price of its consoles constant for years and has changed the prices to reflect the competitive conditions of each market.

The Xbox Series X price hike is largely the same as the PlayStation 5 price hike that Sony implemented last year. Thus, the price of Microsoft’s flagship console in the UK will be 479.99 pounds, in Europe it will be 549.99 euros, in Canada it will be 649.99 dollars and in Australia it will be 799.99 dollars.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the price of Xbox Series S will not change in any market, and this console can still be purchased in the United States for $249.99.

The increase in the price of Xbox Series X was not an unexpected event; Especially considering the increase in the price of PlayStation 5. also, Phil Spencerthe head of Xbox, said some time ago that the price of subscription services will not remain unchanged forever.

Microsoft plans to increase the monthly subscription price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for Console services from July 6 (July 15). From that date onward, the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will drop from $14.99 to $16.99.

In addition, the price of the base plan of the Xbox Game Pass for Console service will increase from $9.99 to $10.99. Microsoft says that the price of the PC Game Pass service (for desktop computers) will not change.

New Xbox Game users will see price increases after July 15; But if you have already purchased a subscription, you will not see these changes until August 13. If you live in Germany, the price increase will be applied to you from September 13 (22 Shahrivar). If you have an annual Game Pass subscription, you will see the price change after the subscription ends.

The increase in the price of Xbox Game Pass is applied in most countries; However, the price of the Game Pass console version will not change in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

Since the release of Xbox Game Pass in 2017, Microsoft has never increased the price of this service. The company says in its press release that the price increase is not related to the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

In recent months and years, the prices of many subscription services have increased. Last year, Netflix raised its subscription price for the umpteenth time, and Disney Plus and Hulu also took a step in the same direction. It goes without saying that even the prices of Apple Music and Spotify have increased in most markets.

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