Training to activate and use clipboard in Windows 11 + introduction of features

Training to activate and use clipboard in Windows 11 + introduction of features


The clipboard feature is considered one of the important features not only in Windows but in any other operating system, and its existence has a significant impact on the productivity of users. All of us are familiar with the Copy and Paste commands from the early days of getting to know the computer, and the importance of these commands is not hidden from anyone, especially during the daily use of computers and smart devices. But it may have happened to you many times that due to using the copy command a lot, especially in the case of texts, the text you needed before was replaced by text, image or anything else, and the previously copied item was deleted from the Windows memory. and you no longer have access to it. In such cases, the presence of the clipboard can be your savior!

The clipboard is responsible for storing each copied item and provides a space for the user to access all the copied items. In fact, the copy command in Windows or any other operating system places the copied item in the memory, and as soon as a new copy command is issued, the previous item is replaced with a new item, but the clipboard is a separate part of this memory that holds the copied items up to a certain number. has Thus, if you work a lot with the copy command and you need all of them, you can find and paste them from the Windows clipboard at any time.

Until version 10, Windows lacked an efficient clipboard tool and users had to use third-party programs, but finally Windows 10 was equipped with a clipboard and it is also available with more features in Windows 11, but it is disabled by default and in the upcoming article how to activate the clipboard We will teach Windows 11 and how to use it.

Enable Windows 11 clipboard

To activate the clipboard in Windows 11, just click on the button below and after displaying the following window, select Clipboard history turn on

How to use the Windows 11 clipboard

After enabling the clipboard, you can now open its window using the Windows+V shortcut. In this window, all the items you have copied up to 25 items are shown. If the number of copied items exceeds this number, the last item will be removed from the clipboard list.

To use any item, it is sufficient to select the desired item wherever it is possible to enter text such as a box or a text editor. Also, if you want the raw text to be pasted without formatting, click on the three-dot option and select the option on the left, Pase as Text.

Windows 11 clipboard features

Note that the items saved in the clipboard are deleted every time the device is turned off or restarted, so if you want to keep a specific item in the clipboard, you should use the Pin option located in the lower right corner of each clipboard item.

This option can also be useful for when the clipboard fills up and old items are deleted, and you can save as many text or images as you like by pinning them to the clipboard. Pinned items are displayed at the bottom of the list.

Clipboard sync with other devices

Sometimes it is necessary to use the phrase you copied on your phone or laptop in another device. In such cases, the clipboard sync feature between other devices will be very useful. If you have two or more Windows devices, you can click on the button below and turn on the option Sync across your devices, enable this feature. Note that all devices must be connected to the same Microsoft account for the clipboard to sync.

In addition, if you have a Samsung or Honor phone, you can start and use the Phone Link function and activate the option Cross-device copy and paste Sync the contents of the clipboard of your Galaxy or Honor phone and Windows. Thus, whatever you copy in Windows, it will be shown in the phone’s clipboard and vice versa in the Windows clipboard.

If your Android phone is not Samsung, you can still activate the sync of the Android phone and Windows laptop by installing the SwiftKey application and logging into the Microsoft account in this application.

Emoji and gif panel

Another feature of the Windows 11 clipboard is access to the emoji panel. In fact, the Windows clipboard and emoji panel are integrated together and you can access this panel by using the Windows+V shortcut. In this panel, you can access different types of emoticons by category. You can also search for the desired emoji and after using the clipboard items, select each of them to enter the text.

Support for animated images or GIF is another feature of the Windows clipboard. By selecting the GIF option, you can access all kinds of online gif images provided by Tenor GIF and also find the related gif by searching for the desired topic. Of course, it is not possible to access with Iranian IPs and you have to use IP changing software.

In addition, if you are interested in using emoticons based on characters or Kaomoji, the Windows 11 clipboard provides you with a variety of ready-made examples of this type of emoticons.

Character panel or symbols

If you need a special symbol or character in your text that you cannot insert using keyboard shortcuts, the Windows 11 clipboard has a section that can be used to insert these characters.

In this section, you can access a wide range of characters defined in the Unicode system and use it as an efficient and fast alternative to the Windows Character Map program.

Personalization using themes

This possibility can be considered one of the most attractive parts of Windows 11 clipboard. Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 supports personalizing the clipboard using different themes, made possible by Windows 11’s touch keyboard support for themes.

To change the theme of the clipboard panel, you need to change the touch keyboard theme of Windows 11. To do this, click on the button below and choose your favorite theme from the Theme section.

Also, by selecting the Custom theme option, you will enter a section where you can create your own theme by assigning color and transparency to the background, texts and keys, as well as adding an image.

What does Windows 11 clipboard support?

The Windows 11 clipboard supports all types of text input while maintaining HTML formatting, and images such as screenshots (both from Windows and from the phone) are automatically placed in the clipboard. Clipboard is also compatible with bitmap formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF and more).


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