Should future missions to Mars have an all-female crew?

Should future missions to Mars have an all-female crew?


Despite statistics that theoretically support the benefits of all-female missions, experts have warned that the numbers may not tell the whole story. Instead, they tend to take a broader perspective, and diversity is a prerequisite for this perspective.

Michela Mosilwa Former director of the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog Habitat and Simulation (HI-SEAS) says:

Experts repeat a message that they believe is a necessary condition for the success of any mission: a diverse crew is more efficient and effective than a single-sex crew. So the idea of ​​mission is completely feminine, however pragmatic it may seem, to believe mark “It will be a form of gender discrimination against men.”

“We don’t want to create a gender competition,” he added. In today’s world, we have the technology and capabilities to democratize space to ensure there is enough space for everyone. Instead, the focus should be on the multiple skills of each individual and how the group functions as a whole.

Gloria Leon A professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Minnesota who has researched the issue of mixed and single-sex passengers on multiple analog missions, says:

To investigate these issues, researchers are looking to analog space missions to remote areas on Earth, such as habitats HI-SEAS In Hawaii, they have relied on simulating trips to the moon and Mars missions. For several months, the participants in the mock mission live in an environment exactly like the Red Planet to conduct research and cope with the 20-minute communication delay between Mars and Earth.


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